Surprises of Win iPhone 8

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iphone 8 giveawayApple is issued the announcement of their latest product, iPhone 8 in around September. But, as always the rumors related to the specification and extra point related to this gadget has been revealed these days. It is started as the win iPhone 8 ruins the photos in a certain site, Geekebench, it is a familiar photo like iPhone 7, and it is then known as iPhone 8. Public claims the photo is taken once the company wants to take the test of performance. It will let them get the right score towards their preliminary generation, iPhone 7. But, somebody says that the picture is a hoax, it is very easy to edit the real picture.

The Surprises of Win iPhone 8

Based on win iPhone 8, as Apple official announces that state the induction of their latest product should be meet their celebration in one-decade production, they will develop a top class phone with great elements in every single aspect. But, they promise the endurance and performance will be better than the previous one, Iphone7. Released in excellent design, they believe it looks classy since the size of the battery is smaller than 7 series. But, it will support the needs in using the gadget for longer periods as they usually do.

On the other hand, the chip and brain core for win iPhone 8 are known as the fastest one. It uses Apple11 processor that will produce 2.7GHz. The chipset is believed will be offered in their latest series. As for the similar gadget, it is Samsung 8 in total top performance. But still, it leads less capacity than Apple in every element it has. Overall, compared to their preliminary generation, the capacity of iPhone 8 is 30% higher. There is no doubt that most people wait for their official launch to be the top list of users no matter would that means.