Cool Mods Without Root

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modded apkYou do not like to root your phone, but you really want to try cool mods that everyone talking about. It must be a very complicated situation for you. Fortunately, there is some possible mod that you can use on your Android phone without having to root your phone first. It must be great news for everyone with the same situation like you. This kind of mood may take little more power rather than those which need custom ROM. However, if it does not matter for you, you can try the cool apps below!

Cool Android Mods Without Root

Let’s begin with Navbar Apps. If you think that your navigation bar just so boring, you need to download this cool app that allows you to turn your navigation bar into something you like. You can turn it red, make it blue then simply use your picture or other as background to make it more perfect. The other mods that you can use without rooting are Fulscrn. This app is the one that allows you to read the book, play the game and watch the video in full screen. This app gives you permission to use every pixel on your screen display to deliver such great experience for several activities.

Furthermore, it is also possible to get Status. For this app, you will be able to hide the status bar that is usually on the top of the screen. By using this app, you are still able to see the notification panel on the status bar. Next, there is also MUVIZ that allows you to enjoy music in a more interesting way. This app will show music visualizer under the navigation bar when you are using the phone to listen to the music. The last but not least, there is also Energy Bar which is other alternative mods without rooting.