Pet such as cats or dogs; however healthy they are, they will still not really good for health if you do not take a good care of the pets. Pets are much related to your own health. If you want to be healthy; you should make them healthy as well. Here I will give you the tips to take care your cat and the things you should do first if you just have a cat in your home.

How To Take Care Your First Kitten Or Cat In Your Home

To make them healthy; you should do several things before you let them come in your home or even lay on your bed every night with you. Here are the tips for you:

  1. If it is kitten; you should make sure the kitten has injected with the medicine for the worm. The kitten will not live longer if they do not get the vaccine. Be ready to cry for the death of your new kitten if you do not give the vaccine.
  2. If it is an adult cat; you should make sure the cat already has regular vaccines. You may ask for the book vaccines records from the old owner. It is very important to keep the new family of yours is healthy and not bring any diseases. You know, most diseases from a cat will infect the human too.
  3. After you let the cat come to your home; you should give them the best home with the full of foods and drinks. The poop of the cat should be clean properly or you can teach the cat to poo in the toilet.
  4. You better check for the vaccines every year and check the health of your pet every year to the vet.

Actually, there are more tips such as shower the cat properly with warm water every week. If it is kitten; you should wait until the right age before you take it to the shower. Thus, that is all.

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