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Health lifeFruit is something that is delicious and flavorful by its own. However, we may find it somehow boring to eat it on its own. One of the common ways to turn fruit into delicious treat is by making it into juice. Of course, it is easy and fast to serve. We do not need to prepare for many things to make it. However, when it comes to breakfast, most of you may find it a little bit difficult to just drink juice for breakfast. That’s why we prepare some ways to eat fruit for breakfast as follow.

Tasty Ways To Eat Fruit For Your Breakfast

Let’s start by making an almond butter and banana sandwiches. If you are sick of banana, you can try to make it as sandwiches then add almond butter on it. To make this special food, you just need to divide the banana into two to create a flat area. Spread almond butter on the flat area then adds some topping such as a nut or something. If you do not have any pear left in your kitchen, you can consider roasted pear which is served with maple ricotta cream. You can simply roast the pear then add the maple ricotta cream as the topping.

Moreover, it is also possible to take quinoa and apricot oatmeal bake into account. When you are bored with oatmeal, you can try to bake it and create another tasty breakfast for yourself. You can consider adding another fruit to the oatmeal before baking it. Then, it is also a good idea to create a fruit taco with chocolate as the tortilla. You can put on any fruit you love on the taco. In this case, you may consider kiwi, mango, strawberry and any other fruits. That’s all some tasty ways to eat fruit for your breakfast.

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