Teacup Pomeranian needs sometimes with their master. If you don’t have time, make sure, if someone else capable to play together with them and of course train them, because this kind of dog, need some activities outside the room. You need to understand, when you adopt the dog, it’s not only about how cute the dog is. But, it’s also about how you treat them. You also need to know, when you pet the dog, you need to have some commitment and growing some bond between you and the dog. This could be the best thing for dog. So, yeah, before you decide to bring some Pomeranian, you need to make sure if you have commitment first.

Build A Connection Within You and The Dog

When you can’t commit, it will make the dog sad and it will make them stress. So, make sure before you bring this dog home, you capable to spare sometimes with this Pomeranian. Stress will make them feel bad and of course from stress the teacup Pomeranian will sick and it will threaten their lives as well. Playing with this dog outside the room, will also help you to build some connection between you and the dog, this bond between you and your dog will help you to understand each other. So, when you have this kind of dog at your hands, you need to become more responsible for any action that you will do. Commitment is the very important thing that you need to have after you adopt this dog.

Always remember, after you bring this dog on your home, you need to be able to play with them at least once in three days. Don’t forget, if you really love this dog, you need to always make them happy and feel free. Teacup Pomeranian is one of the kinds of the dog that you need to treat it well and you also need to know how to spoil them.

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