Jet lag is one of the possible conditions when you cross time zone from one country and another country. When you go to somewhere for vacation or business trip by plan, you may get jet lag especially if you cross from a highly different time zone. To learn more about this notion, let’s check this out!

Learn about Symptom and Cause of Jet Lag

One of the reasons that our body got jet lag is because we cross time zones. It makes our internal biological must experience something different like what it usually face. In this case, mismatching between the times when you are used to before at home with the time of place where you travel now is the one that makes our body got jet lag. The symptom may include feeling like you hungover, sleepiness, hungry and mood swing.

What to Do to Treat Jet Lag Naturally

Then, what can we do to treat jet lag when we got it as we travel around to another time zone? Here are some ways that we can do at this point.

  1. Take melatonin supplement. There can be lots of supplements on pharmacy, but this kind of supplement is surely the one that will help you to cope with jet lag. It is because this supplement will assist you to control your sleep and wake cycle.
  2. Do fasting. It is said that eat nothing while you are in airplane will help you to deal with jet lag. In this case, it is more potential to help your body to regulate with the new time zone is where you will travel to.
  3. Expose your body to bright light. Intentionally exposing your body to the bright light is considered to be able to help you synch or adjust your body to the new time zone.

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