As we know that sea fishes are one of the best protein source needed by people, hence we are recommended to consume the fishes. To talk more about sea fishes, mackerel tuna is one of the most favorite ones. That is why mackerel tuna suppliers are needed to supply the fishes to the consumers. This kind of fishes itself is commonly cooked as sushi in Japan and many other dishes. Moreover, you may find that there are some types of mackerel suppliers in Japan as in the following passages. Hence let’s check the information below now!

Some Types Of Mackerel Tuna Suppliers Japan

Here there are 4 types of mackerel tuna suppliers which you need to know. Firstly, there is mackerel/Saba in which the fishes are served in traditional sushi. Of course, it is so delicious since the fish has both strong flavors that can add the taste of sushi. Besides, there is another fish called as horse mackerel or also be called as aji. For this type of mackerel, you will find that the fish has a smaller size rather than other mackerel. Usually served with scallions, this mackerel is the best to be caught in summer.

For the third one, there is Sawara or it is also called as Spanish mackerel. As the largest mackerel, this one is so popular during spring to summer even winter. Its buttery taste becomes one of the characteristics of this kind of mackerel. Then mackerel pike or same Will be the next type of mackerel tuna suppliers Japan. Also known as Pacific saury, it is good to be served in the fall season with various kinds of dishes. For a good news is that you will find that all the types above are tasty and indeed delicious for sushi and also other food.

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