When you have outdated or corrupt HP printer driver, it will cause a headache for you. It will make your computer or laptop become crash or not responding. When you have to update your driver, it will fix the bug, improve stability, as well as more capabilities and features.

How To Update HP Printer Driver?

Below are some tips to update HP printer driver if yours is an outdated one.

  1. Open your Windows and go to ‘Device and Printers’ on Control Panel or you can go to Start Button first and type ‘Device and Printers’. And the result will appear.
  2. If your printer icon does not appear in the result or it has a yellow –point icon, it means that you need to download new driver as soon as possible.
  3. However, you can also download the newest driver even if your PC doesn’t give you a notification or it doesn’t report anything. When you update your driver, it can fix bugs.
  4. You need to know the serial number of your printer. You can find the number on your own printer. You can also check the ‘Devices and Printers’ on Control Panel.
  5. After that, go to HP’s official website which is HP.com. And then, go to ‘Support and Drivers’. Next is click ‘Download software and drivers’. You need to type the serial number of your printer and click ‘Go’.
  6. To get the recent correct driver printer, you must select your operating system version. After that, you can download the driver by clicking ‘Driver’ on the page.
  7. After the downloading process is over, you can install the driver right away. In some cases, it may require a reboot.
  8. Now you have the updated printer driver version from the manufacturer.

That’s how you update your HP printer driver. You can check on alldriverforwindows.com to know more about the driver for other manufacturers.

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