ingrown pimple

ingrown pimpleIt is important to keep your skin healthy, and one of them is indicating the absence of a pimple. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to fight against a pimple. There are even some cases where a pimple develops into something more devastating like an ingrown pimple. This type of a pimple is actually caused by ingrown hair, and the management is not that simple. It requires you to reverse the hair to prevent a pimple from coming again after it pops. Due to its great annoyance, it is actually recommended to consider visiting doctor to remove a pimple. The dermatologists will help you to solve this problem and provide proper suggestions to prevent a pimple from showing again.

An Ingrown Pimple And Doctor Suggestion

When you visit your doctor, you definitely want to make sure the pimple is removed. Typically, the doctor will use tweezers to pick a pimple. It works most of the time. However, there is a chance that an ingrown pimple shows up again at the wrong time. If that is the case, you need to know how to deal with it without the presence of your doctor. You can ask whether you can use a specific product such as a cleanser or non-comedogenic oil. Additionally, you may ask about retinoid as well.

Retinoid has been used for a while to treat skin specially to get rid of dead skin. Since pimples typically love this dry skin habitat, using retinoid will help to solve the problem. However, your dermatologist may not agree with the idea after checking your skin. That is also the reason why retinoid can only be obtained with a prescription. An ingrown pimple is definitely a simple spot that requires a complicated process. It can be cured, and it can be prevented. If you talk to the right person such as your doctor, things become clearer, and you can get treatment that is suitable for you.

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