what causes earthquakes

what causes earthquakesWhat cause earthquake? People often ask this question. There are many natural events which can cause earthquakes. Furthermore, earthquakes can trigger other natural disasters such as tsunami, sinkholes, or massive landslides. Thus, people must be extremely cautious when facing an earthquake. Modern countries often educate their people about natural disasters. Thus, the people have a better chance of surviving natural disasters such as tornado, landslides, earthquakes, and tsunami. Earthquakes are often caused by tectonic events inside the earth. The tectonic shifts cause frictions and make the lands above them shake. Thus, an earthquake occurs. Some earthquakes are small and people may not notice it. However, big earthquakes are highly destructive and can level down skyscraper buildings.

What Cause Earthquake Around The World?

There are a lot of people who are still wondering about what cause earthquake around the world. Tectonic earthquakes can also be caused by the movement of earth mantles. The movement causes friction and makes the ground shakes. If the shaking happens below the sea, it can cause a dangerous tsunami and destroy beaches. Thus, it is very important to stay away from beaches after an earthquake. You also have to be careful about landslides and sinkhole. Sometimes, a tectonic earthquake can also trigger volcano eruptions. While volcano eruptions can also trigger another earthquake.

In conclusion, you cannot be too careful about earthquakes, it is one of the most dangerous natural disasters. Prepare yourself and your family and run to safety. The government should educate their people more about natural disasters such as tornado, earthquake, landslide, flood, tsunami, and earthquakes. Some countries even build natural disaster shelter and make the buildings more resistant to earthquakes. The beaches are also reinforced to reduce the damage of a tsunami attack. Hopefully, this article can explain what cause earthquake, volcanic earthquake, and tsunami around the world.

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